The mightiest Sausages & Dumplings on Earth!

We offer promotional vision of the Polish street  food.Variety of heavenly tasty sausages and stuffed dumplings, already well known and popular across United States.This is a real meat fest by any means!


Sausages are called "Kielbasa" named by the king August III. He's privet chef had to know how to make it and serve in 24 different variety and ways.


What's  most import and and give it special taste is way of preserving them which is smoke rather than just natural drying or steaming like in other countries due to high humidity in Polish climate.That tradition remained until nowadays.

We believe everyone have guardian Angel and hoping  you'll find one with Us.

You simply can not go wrong with any of them. Polish traditional recipe sausages made and imported fresh  from Poland with highest, meat contents over 90% are standing out.

What makes  it different? How about size! Our are  foot long Dogs, topped with carefully chosen  trimmings and signature sauces.


Go on ask for option with bacon or add blue cheese,avocado or egg! That can only makes it unforgettable right?

We are sis of "Kielbasa" Home made divine dumplings"pierogi" stuffed with seasoned  minced pork-neck or specially preserved cabbage and mushrooms.We are beautiful and tasty inside out!

Can't be missed!

We are the Flavour Fixers!

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